What We Do

Aleutian Capital is a private equity investment group focused on acquiring and investing in privately-owned companies in North America, with a particular focus on manufacturing, retail distribution, service businesses, and information technology companies.

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About Aleutian Capital Partners

Aleutian Capital Partners (ACP) is a private equity investment group that invests in and acquires privately-owned companies in North America. Our investments are made in manufacturing, retail distribution and service businesses with revenues between $10 and $200 million. We also actively pursue information technology companies (hardware, software, internet and IT services). Post-acquisition, we provide management teams with the capital and relationships that enable expansion into new product lines and markets and profitably grow the business. The firm, collectively with its investors and advisors, benefits from deep experience in business operations, market entry and growth strategy development, and private company investing.

Long-Term Investing

Aleutian’s principals have come from a complimentary mix of operating, legal, management consulting and finance backgrounds. Capital is differentiated among private equity forms by its long-term investing perspective. While other firms typically exit investments in two to five years, Aleutian seeks to build a portfolio of companies it intends to hold and grow over an extended period. We believe that smaller companies in fragmented, mature industries have a tremendous opportunity for double-digit growth if armed with the right combination of product planning, market aggressiveness, strategic partnership, financial resources, operational excellence and a motivated employee base. Aleutian Capital helps bring these pieces together.

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